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Supernatural 2x20 - What Is and What Should Never Be

Now I've watched it. And I DID resist the preview, so omg don't spoil me! not even to squee/wail over it!

The whole thing was so goddamn awesome, and then the ENDING. The ENDING. Where Sam says, it's worth it, and Dean just looks at him, and SLAM to black. Without him saying yes. Without him agreeing.

Because -- okay, there are a bunch of ways to read that, and I love ALL of them. I love it if it means that Dean thinks it's NOT worth it. I love it if Dean isn't sure. I love it if Dean agrees, but it hurts too much to say it. I love it if Dean puts his head down thirty seconds after the cut to black and says, "Yeah," brokenly, and Sam gets up and puts his arms around him, and Dean can't help it, he just grabs on and holds tight, because Sam's all he has left, and all he came back for, and and and *SOB*.

The whole thing was brutal and wonderful. The happiest moments were the most terrible ones.

I adored that Sam and Dean didn't get together along ETA ahaha, that was totally a Freudian slip, and Dean all, "I'm embarrassed how easy that was" and Sam GETTING IN THE CAR WITH HIM ANYWAY. Even though that wasn't Dean's wish, even though it was all just a spinoff of Mary living.

One really wrenching thought: maybe John wasn't in the dream not because he's dead -- because obviously the djinn could construct people who were dead. Maybe he couldn't be in the dream because his soul is in Hell. :(

(Okay, he couldn't be in the dream because they couldn't hire JDM or whatever, I assume, but that is not the point. *clings to angst*)

In closing, as I just said to sanj, this episode was so goddamn awesome I FORGOT that there was half-naked Dean at the beginning of it.

PS: Mr. Kripke, while you're at making us deliriously happy, may we have some bodyswap next season? Please?
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