astolat (astolat) wrote,

randomly: spoilers, kryptonite, daemon

Quick heads-up for anyone else out there trying to avoid SPN spoilers for the rest of the season: at least one person has posted spoilers for unaired episodes in the comments to a story not itself marked as spoilery in the newsletter, so watch out. (Thankfully I saw 'in the finale' and flailed backwards before any other reading comprehension set in, pant pant.) You can manually copy links and add a "?mode=reply" to the end of story posts before opening them, if you are paranoid like me. :)

Please no spoilers here, thanks! I valiantly continue to resist.

In other exciting news, Kryptonite discovered:

Gacked from killalla:

Hee! You can either freeze it after you take the quiz, or leave it so other people can change it, which is the coolest thing ever. Play with mine! The questions it asked on the page seemed oddly repetitive and were different from the ones it asked me for other people, so I am skeptical of its resulting assessment, although tiger == awesome. I would love to be followed around by a tiger all the time. It would probably not be so happy living in a Manhattan apartment though; that never ends well.

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