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premium_blend open for business!

Coming to you from the HBO panel discussion at muskratjamboree:

premium_blend is for those of us who love any of the awesome small-fandom shows on premium cable like HBO and Showtime. It's often hard for a fandom to coalesce around these shows because fewer people have easy access to them and because of those evil year-long hiatuses they like to inflict on us, not to mention the vast graveyards of shows canceled before their time because they were too expensive. And since there is a lot of overlap among fans of these various shows, we're looking to get a little cross-pollination going by centralizing. We hope this will give all these fandoms new life by giving fans an ongoing haven -- activity for one show may ebb and flow as it comes on the air or goes off, but there will always be something fun happening in this space.

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We're looking for help! Sign on to volunteer for a fandom, or just dive in and start sharing the love! And, uh, tell us what fandoms we've left off, because I know I missed some that were mentioned in the panel. *facepalm*
Tags: community, entourage, rome
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