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I love that the love meme filled up in a day. ♥

I started at what was the last page when I first looked and was going backwards when I got temporarily distracted by writing yesterday's story ("I was doing X when I got distracted by fanfic" is pretty much the saga of the last ten years of my life), so I didn't get to leave a fraction of the love I wanted to, aww. I always get sniffly and teary when I read comments people leave for me in these things. Dean would make fun of me. ;_;

*hugs everyone*

I also have special glee to share -- fanart!

gnine made "President shtups Superman" for my SV/DC story Revenge -- oh, why is this not actual downloadable video! but it is the next best thing. Notice the Joker's foot off to the side, heee. (I should mention this is really not work- or Robin-safe.)


_audrey made this awesome picture of Dean vs. werewolf for Under Hill -- the whole thing is awesome, but in particular I keep staring and staring at Dean's swinging amulet, which is almost like the counterweight to his whole body, which she's got just down.


Separately, everyone in SPN has probably seen this by now, but even if you aren't, I think the technique used in this vid will make your jaw drop anyway:

Crash by michaela3105
Sam/Dean vid with actual kissing.

She constructed the kissing scenes in Premiere Pro. From what I can work out by looking at the first two kissing manips in the vid (which are basically the same manip, just one is flipped horizontally and blurred and turned b&w), she started with Dean's kiss from Tall Tales, then found a scene for Sam that I haven't been able to identify (anyone?) that mirrored that kiss well: Sam is near the center of the frame, with his eyes downcast, and moves in the direction he's facing. Someone's hand is on his neck gripping him by the t-shirt (but it's not that scene from Hunted after Sam frees Dean from the chair). His hair is smoothed down bowl-cut style and covering his forehead.

Then she overlaid the two clips, probably using garbage mattes to cut out Dean's kissing partner and the other half of the frame Sam is in, and softened and darkened the boundaries between the two images and slowed the whole clip. It took a brilliant eye to figure out how this can be done, and it just looks *flawless*. I mean, if you don't know the original source for the kiss, I think you probably can't tell this is manipulated, even if you frame-by-frame it. (I have never been more grateful that this show is so freaking DARK all the time.)

You can also watch it on YouTube.
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