astolat (astolat) wrote,

Supernatural: Road to Shambala, Sam/Dean

<astolat> can I call it Road to Shambala? or have I been listening to Three Dog Night too long?
<giddy> would dean say you can ever listen to three dog night too long?
<astolat> heeeee
<giddy> there you go then <G>

Road to Shambala (6,103 words)
Sam/Dean, futurefic, explicit

Dean looked over at Sam and said, "Where to, bright eyes?"

Sam hesitated, his fingers tapping on his thigh, and then he said, "You ever been to New Orleans?"

( Read the story )

With many many thanks to giddygeek and basingstoke for beta, and harriet_spy and cesperanza for looking at the first bits of this.

ETA: And this is what I get for mainlining the entire show in six days -- destina has pointed out that, duh, Dean has just come from doing a job in New Orleans in the freaking pilot. Um, let's just call it an AU on that point? *wry!*

ETA2: And now fixed! No more AU. *grins*
Tags: fanfic, supernatural

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