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Uh, hi! Been in this general neck of the woods for 12 years now and know and love a lot of you. Also, as I said to ficbyzee (who is clearly liviapenn's sockpuppet btw), I don't think I could fake my death unless C. and I actually staged a fiery car crash and ran to switzerland under false identities.

In other news: laurashapiro has posted a really encouraging report from a conference she's attending about vidding (ETA: which she has to keep flocked for now by request of the conference organizer, but which she's given me the okay to quote from), the part of which made me happiest being:

The other big theme so far is that everyone thinks we're crazy to be so afraid. They think the world is changing. They think we have little to fear. Okay, they may concede a bit of reality-based fear of the RIAA, but in general, they are all out and proud, and they think what we are doing is cool, and they think we should be out and proud, too...

So to recap: We are different! We are a rare community of women, steeped in a rich tradition! And we should be fearless!

And you know, I've really been feeling this more and more myself, when I compare what we do with what all these other people are out there doing.

Which brings me over to imeem. I have really fallen in love with youtube and streaming video lately -- I love being able to just sit there and watch without downloading. And then aj2k recently posted in vidding about a service called which is basically youtube with better quality video (and the video stays in sync, even if it does stutter now and again).

Anyway -- I've been sold. I've gone ahead and put all my vids on there:

and I hope to encourage more of you vidders out there to do the same. I'd love it if we used imeem as our own -- I mean, even if we still will want to provide high-quality downloadable versions of the vids, this could be a perfect central clearinghouse and a network for us to connect through.

I'm not entirely throwing caution to the winds, in that I've been careful to name my files in ways that a fan can look at them and figure out the fandom/song, but someone doing a random search for either source wouldn't find it. But I do think that in many ways we've been protecting ourselves out of a seat at the table, and it's time to sit down next to the guys making WoW and Halo vids to exactly the same kinds of songs we're using.

ETA: Yeah, so much for imeem. The problem with for-profit sites. :/
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