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December 2018



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queen of spades by mswyrr

Casino Royale: Queen of Spades, Bond/M

ETA again: to swap in the custom icon mswyrr has made for the story, eee.

All you really need to know by way of canon for this story is that James Bond is a secret agent and M is his boss. If this is news to you, I welcome you to our planet. No spoilers beyond what's in the first bit of the nice shiny trailer.

It may also help to know that:

a) Daniel Craig is ridiculously hot.
b) Judi Dench is fabulous.

You should also go see Casino Royale if you haven't already. And then write me fanfic with the new Bond in it. With anyone. Seriously, I want him foiling a plot of the Brotherhood of Mutants, or stumbling into Princeton-Plainsboro with gunshot wounds and mysterious poisoning, or having smoking hot sex with Veronica Mars. Anything!

Queen of Spades (3,977 words)
Casino Royale, Bond/M
Many thanks to cesperanza and kassrachel and giddygeek for beta!

"Bond," M said, as he paused in the doorway to hear her out, "the next time you do something like this will be once too many."

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The language is kind of tricky, not quite hardboiled enough.

*makes coaxing gestures* Tell me more! I like critique. :) Is that in comparison to Fleming? Which, uh, I have to embarrassedly admit I have never read any of the books.
That was amazing. Completely believable and hot. I just love the way M handles him, in all things. *g* Beautifully done!
Good lord that's... wow. I mean I never thought M/Bond because I really thought M was sacrosanct, taboo. But, damn. I repeat. Damn.
Hey, I was right there with you. It was never sparky for me before this movie. Without going into spoilers, I think it's partly that it just works better for me visually -- Craig's Bond is so much more craggy and mature (in an endlessly yum way) as opposed to Pierce Brosnan, who was kind of smooth and debonair and young-looking.
Holy Fuck.

That's brilliant. I love it.

That was phenomenal: beautifully written, awesomely hot, and more in the chilly Ian Fleming spirit than most of the movies. (Possibly except for this one, which I haven't seen yet.) Also, I just love the pairing.


Stunning, awesome, spectacular Bond fic. I totally just...that was awesome.
That fic leaves me incoherent with lust awesome.

Oh what the hell. Let's say lust.

I'm pimping this fic out to everyone I can think of. Fabulous, fabulous job.

And now I wand Craig!Bond slash something fierce, curse you.

And now I want Craig!Bond slash something fierce, curse you.

OMG me too. There should be all the slash in the world!
Gah. That's just... Bond giving himself over to seduction was hot, but M knowingly turning it on him and so effortlessly, was quite possibly ten times hotter. Congratulations! You've just broken my brain - in the good way, of course.
This was wonderful. It dawned on me about halfway through, that M might be grooming Bond to be her successor and I'm so happy, that that's what it was. Great M characterization, for she must truly have been an awesome double-oh once.
Woah. Great story.
I loved this so much! I saw the movie tonight and this is exactly what I was craving! ♥ ♥ ♥
This story is so much fun to read! You make this work really well and there are so few stories or novels dealing well with this kind of dynamic.
I could stand to read a WHOLE LOT MORE of this pairing *crosses fingers* :)
(Only one niggling thing: I got the feeling that you put less emphasis (or maybe less detail) on the actual sex than usual?)
Yes. That's really all I have to say about that. I haven't even seen the movie yet, but yes.
I think you just broke me.

God, they're SO HOT. This was fabulous.
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