astolat (astolat) wrote,

Wiseguy: Peacemaking, Sonny/Vinnie

For the summercon Blame Someone Else challenge, so, uh, I guess that means this isn't my fault? Many thanks to merryish for awesome beta, and to wuffielover for the prompt: "Sonny returns. As a ghost. And only Vinnie can see or hear him."

Peacemaking (1,152 words)
Sonny/Vinnie, death, happy ending (well, I think it is...?)
He told Sonny he'd made his peace; ten years later, lying on his back in an alley in Jersey City, old puddles soaking in through his shirt while the blood soaked out, fever and cocaine simmering under his skin, it was still a lie.

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Tags: fanfic, wiseguy
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