astolat (astolat) wrote,

presents! Stargate SG-1: Pie and SV: Vacation

OMG I AM SO HAPPY LOOK WHAT mutecornett MADE FOR ME. Clark and Lex and KON! ♥ ♥ ♥

I am giving presents too!

For destina's birthday, a little bit of SG-1:
Jack/Daniel, fluff, post-Urgo

And here is a little surprise present for ficbyzee, because I know this will make her happy. With many thanks to basingstoke and merryish for beta. :)

Vacation (all I ever wanted...), 4700 words
Smallville/DC (Clark/Lex, Tim/Kon; another DC character appears here in highly AU form; if you care, you'll know)
A sequel to Reconcilable Differences.

( Read the story )

ETA: changed to permanent link
Tags: fanart, fanfic, sg1, smallville

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