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insta-super-accelerated Jumping The Shark Challenge for merryish

For those who don't know -- merryish is in the hospital recovering from some pretty nasty surgery (which happily seems to have gone well). I was thinking of a little something to write for her quick and came up with an idea I think she'd get a kick out of, if anyone else wanted to join me in it:

Jumping The Shark Challenge

- Pick a fandom, any fandom, that merryish likes. This is a long list. ***

- Put a shark in it! Improbability is not a problem.

- Post it in the community merrymakings. (Thanks to apetslife for making this.)

- And... post it by tomorrow! *g* (This will not be an enforced deadline, so, you know, if you are a little late, it is no crime.)

Drabbles, short-shorts, hypothetical story summaries; hell, one-liners; it's all good! Fanart, icons welcome too. Feel free to make it a time-limit challenge for yourself too -- 38 minutes is a nice round number if you want. ;-)

***: (in no particular order) CSI, Numb3rs, SGA, SG-1, popslash, Sentinel, due South, BSG, Wiseguy, Coldfire, Criminal Minds, Forever Knight, Smallville, Highlander, Sports Night, Dead Zone, West Wing, Once a Thief, Vampire Chronicles, Doctor Who, LOTR, Vorkosigan Saga, Buffy, Angel, Joan of Arcadia, X-Files, Harry Potter, Aubrey/Maturin, and anything else she might have gotten into that you know of and is not listed in her lj sidebar.
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