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SGA: Composition, for svmadelyn

For those of you who don't know svmadelyn -- she is one of those, um, I was going to say fandom lubricators, except clearly this is not the audience to use that term with lightly *g*, but what I mean is that she is one of the people who helps to grease the wheels of fandom, and encourage happiness and community and general fun. She regularly comes up with and runs (smoothly!) challenges like undermistletoe, she's organized fannish get-togethers almost like mini-cons literally from coast-to-coast, she's organized big group chats -- basically she kind of sits at the center of a far-flung web and connects a lot of people together who otherwise would never really meet.

A lot of this work goes unnoticed and unthanked, and vylit had the lovely idea of organizing a day of appreciation for all the stuff she's done, with presents that are, appropriately, for all of fandom to share with her. :) Check all of them out here, in the favoritefangirl community -- note that many of these were originally posted friendslocked just in case she happened to stumble upon the comm before it went live, so if you can't see any of them, just join the community and you will be able to read them.

My own contribution is small, because I have been truly insanely swamped these last few weeks; it is a sequel to resonant8's Resolution and cesperanza's Clarity; they were kind enough to let me hop in and pinch-hit for the original third writer, and so I was able to take advantage of their having done all the hard work in the first two stories.

Sheppard/McKay, explicit
655 words
John pounds on the door until Rodney opens it.

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Tags: fanfic, sga
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