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May 2019



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SGA vid: Bohemian Like You

Okay, so -- yes, this song has been done I think at least three times already in this fandom, I know. *groans* I fell in love with the idea of this vid a long while back, before the others came out; to me it is just so perfectly what merryish said about SGA -- OMG my slacker ex-boyfriend and that dork from the debate club are supposed to save the world?? We are SO DOOMED!!! -- and all about Rodney and John in all their slackery glory, and the urge to make it has held on and held on over several months, despite my personal feh about over-vidded songs, so -- there you have it. I have resolutely avoided seeing any of the other vids, so any similarities are coincidental.

Many thanks to cesperanza for beta, and to all the hapless victims lovely people in chat I harassed for audiencing and suggestions. ♥

Feedback always adored!

ETA: New! Preview on imeem.
Right-click and save:
Bohemian Like You
music by the Dandy Warhols
vid by shalott

Oh, and ETA to add some more thanks to oxoniensis, saturn92103, tehshroom of Stargate Caps, and New Atlantis for the screencaps and stills, and to everyone who answered my plea for pointers the other day!
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Btw, what vid program do you use?
Ooh, I like this version! The use of stills is interesting and effective. I'm not very versed in vids, but I don't recall having seen that before. I especially liked the part at the end where it had almost a "City on the Edge of Forever" effect with the stills inside the 'gate ring. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
Yay, thanks! Actually, I ripped off the stills idea mostly from the MARVEL intro at the beginning of all the Marvel-based movies (Spiderman, X-Men), which is made up of comic-book art shots. *g*
It is awesome! And you rule! and omg Ronon!
Ohhhhh, I love it. So cute and funny and witty and... cute. Love the way you did the beginnging and the endind with the stills pulling back to show the Stargate. The Ronan part was great too.
*incoherent squeeful yelp*

Oh, wow...
That was fabulous. I am in awe of your vidding prowess. It's definitely a keeper.
Omigod! The puddlejumper car! The hairdos! RONON. This is awesome!
Woohoo! I wish you could see the big grin and the applause going on here. That just rocked. I loved the shot of SG-1 on the "you guys are kind of new" line. And the whole sequence with Ronon, and the images framed in the stargate, and everything. That was wonderful.
Okay, seriously, that was ADORABLE. I started giggling when Ronon popped up, and didn't stop for the rest of the vid. I mean, who knows what my roommate things, but who cares, because John and Rodney were being adorable and slackerly and slouchy and pointing at each other and it was ADORABLE. (also, she's used to me giggling at unknown things on my computer screen.)

So, uh. I really liked it.

I liked how you sped everything up at the beginning to go along with the music, and the "so you've got a great car" bit, and the hair bit, and "is it? it is for me" synchronized with Sheppard's head-nod, and they LIKE each other, they really like each other! and then I explode.

Mmmm ... peppy!

Holy crap.
If I weren't already a fan of the show and completely devoted to John and Rodney, this? this would make me a slavish devotee of all thing SGA.
I smiled the whole way through. Aannnnd ... very nice (read: hot, cool, stylish, etc.) addition of Ronon!
I'm all giddy from the visual love and the visual love story.
OMG!!! I love this @!!! Oh OH!
Burning to CD to take home and watch and watch and watch again -- thank you!!!
SWEET. *squees along with the others*
Ronon! And the stills! And the dorkiness! I'm not well versed in vidding, but this was delightful.
OMFG! You turned the Zelenka vid into a McShep vid! And it worked!

Damnit, now I need a new Radek theme song. zomg, I hate you. T.T

But... the song sounded different... *ponders*

Anyway, another GREAT vid! I love it!
Heee, I didn't actually even know about the Zelenka one until yesterday when julad told me about it. And yeah, I edited about forty-five seconds out of the song -- I am all about the getting in and getting out fast. ;-)
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