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May 2016

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atlantis desperately earnest

SGA, Loves Me Not, Sheppard/McKay

With many thanks to terrio and giddygeek and misspamela and special_trille and cesperanza and, um, anyone else who looked over this thing during the last four months while it's been creeping slowly towards the finish line and that I've lamely forgotten in the interim.

This is for merryish, who demanded pining, with a side order of wooing for giddygeek, and a special toy surprise for sisabet. (Okay, maybe not so much a surprise...)

Loves Me Not (4,650 words)
by astolat
Sheppard/McKay, explicit.
Spoilers through Duet (2x04)
Summary: It was just such an obvious train wreck in the making.

( Read the story )

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Brilliance. Those people you actually wrote this for are very lucky, but I'm just going to pretend you wrote it for me, because I love this story and want to maybe live some sort of life of sin with it.
Aaaaaaaaaw. I do so love your stories. *is happy*
Is it really shallow of me that, with all the pretty images in this story, I'm stuck on teen-age John under the bleachers with the quarterback?
Awwww. Pining!John is so hot.
Oh, man, so brilliant! I love this so much, the jealousy and the taking advantage and cave! sex! *happysigh*

Well done, as always.
Aww, this is such a great look at what it's like to want something so much that you don't really even believe it when you're actually getting it. *pets John*

Also, Milky Way Darks would make me a much easier person to get along with too. They're *magical candy*.
GUH. But also, HEEE!! Because it's hot, but they're also so sweet in a spiky sort of way and John's *longing* is so beautifully drawn, and Rodney's panic is so completely believable. So much with the yum! :D
Nestra's right, pining!John is hot -- and stammering!Rodney is adorable, and the two of them together! OMG theirloveissosnarky. I like this!

He's so got a major!Rodney crush in my personal canon now.

I love the "not actually unrequited longing" fic in general, and really enjoyed this one in particular. John's slightly passive-aggressive wooing style seems just right, and as always, your Rodney voice is terrific.

(And, I owe you e-mail, I know -- I'm in, though, and promise I will be in touch with more!)
Oh God, thank you! This much improved my crappy day. I loved the line about the candy bars, about Rodney being sucked into the orbit of Milky Way Dark.
I always look forward to reading your fic. Loved poor John trying to get over his crush, and the scene in the locker room was so intensely painful. Hee, John trading chocolate for head rubs and anything else he could get. I'm so glad Rodney finally gave in to the inevitable because cave!sex. *g*
seventeen movie nights (with Rodney hogging the popcorn)

XD bwah! Like Sheppard isn't a popcorn hog himself, which actually is part of the problem methinks.

and a vicious running argument over who invented calculus,

::blinks:: I keep on going back and forth on whether Rodney would root for Newton or Liebiniz, 'cause there's the Nerd King versus the International Mathematical Playboy, and and... ::befuddled:: So would he root for himself or John? Or do they trade positions every so often to keep it interesting?

John sighed and leaned over to his own pile of gear and tossed Rodney the healthy flower he'd picked up on the way back to the jumper. "Here you go."


and John was well and truly screwed before he'd even realized there was any danger.

::gigglesnorts:: which, really, summarizes a lot of John's life

"No! I'm just saying, that's a pretty pathetic attempt," Rodney said defensively. "Does the frontal-assault method actually work for you?"

"Pretty much," John said. "Besides, I already brought you flowers."


He could practically see Rodney torn between heterosexual panic and chocolate; chocolate won

::nods solemnly:: as it should.

most importantly Milky Way Darks, which turned out to be the ultimate weapon of choice: when John pulled one of those out, Rodney actually moved around the fire to sit next to him of his own free will, like he'd been sucked in by its gravitational pull.

John really hadn't planned to take advantage, but Rodney made it so damn easy, and anyway, it seemed reasonably fair trade even if Teyla did give him a raised eyebrow when he ended up with his head in Rodney's lap.



Which, also, says much of Valentine's day.

And after that -- hell, it was just irresistible. Rodney knew, after all, it wasn't like John was putting anything over on him, and if Rodney didn't mind a little inappropriate touching in exchange for chocolate, music files, Ancient-device-activation, and so on, that was his business, John figured.

Rodney, you're such a h0r. XD

"Okay, yes, all right," Rodney said, and subsided, so John got not only a few good hours of flying -- Rodney was actually getting better at it, not that John planned to tell him that -- but a swim, a steak cookout on the beach, and a backrub with suntan lotion. He felt pretty damn self-satisfied until they got back to the city and Katie met them with a shy, happy smile, having traded shifts while they were away, and towed a stammering Rodney away for dinner in her apartment, followed at least in John's unhappily active imagination by the sex he wasn't having himself.

ahhh, DIRTY WARFARE. It. That. HEE!!

and then his hand was closing around the back of Rodney's neck, and Rodney's mouth was opening for him, and popcorn was spilling all over his legs and the sheets and crunching under them, and John didn't give a fuck, because yes, yes, yes, and then Rodney made a desperate heave and sat up and said, "I can't, what am I, oh God," and John rolled over onto his back and let his head thump back against the pillows, and didn't say a word.

ohhhh. ::wibbles:: man, the emotional roller-coasters you create. ::shakes head in awe::

I need to check the structural -- "

John blinked into the darkness and wondered why Rodney had turned off the flashlight.

oooo, nice.

"This is not a time to be stoic!" Rodney said, groping over him some more. "Look, you can't die, we haven't even had sex yet!"

::grins so hard:: Oh Rodney.

"Oh, I am," John said, hooking his arm around Rodney's neck, pulling him back down to kiss him quiet. "I really really am."

"Yes, all right, fine," Rodney grumbled, sliding into John's arms, "but only because I -- "

= End =

::bursts out laughing:: Oh you're EVIL.

But y'know, this is a *perfect* ending, it ties it back to the title and eeee. =D
Yay! Just what I needed today! Because this is exactly how it would happen. Lovely.
Aww. This is really sweet--I love John's dork-ass flirting moves.

what great characterization. so much better than everyone else's -oops, shouldn't say that, should i? it's the stupid grin, it makes me stupider. wow that was perfect.

i'm even almost not mad for not getting more explicit pr0n. almost. :-)

*notices you have a new fic!*

Wow. This almost makes up for having to work twenty hours this weekend. I love your John, so very crushing on Rodney. His quiet war against Kate Brown for Rodney's affections is almost CIAish, with the bribing of the involved parties and tactical ignorance of those around them. (Yeah, so I'm a history major studying Cold War politics. How could you tell?) The flower thing is just cute enough and not overboard. Your final scene in the cave, with it being everything John wants, just not here, not in this ST:TOS cliche, please and then just giving up, pulling Rodney close and shutting him up is perfect. *happy sigh*
Oh, man. This made my life.

Seriously, I could visualize every moment of it, hear everyone's voices crystal-clear, and you made my chest go to the happy scrunchy place. You know: some women go there over puppies and babies; I go there over crushing!John and oblivious!Rodney. Oh, and the image of Rodney in a towel. With a flower. (!!!)

Also, this:

John couldn't help but see exactly how it would all work, the two of them, how easy, how good it would be to take all that sharp crackling energy between them straight back to bed and burn it off; the way they'd fit together, as easily as he'd fallen for Rodney in the first place, not even wanting to.

...is just perfect--exactly how I see it; exactly, exactly.
Oh, god. Yes. Yes. Thank you.

I totally neded this to fix my awful day.
*makes happy little squeaky noice of incoherence*

okay, now that I got that out of my system. *coughs*

I completely loved this. It's a nice twist to have John be the one gay and pining but it works oh so well. And poor Rodney, for being so brilliant it really did take him a while to figure it all out. I'm just so happy to have read this. :)
Ah, delightful. Thank you. I really enjoyed John pining after Rodney and Rodney's inability to deal.
YAY!!! This was absolutely delightful - but I saw there was a toy surprise for me and so I kept reading and reading and thinking a little to myself, "Yes, fine, but when are they going to get to the cave?" cause apparently my inner voice just turned into Rodney.

But it was perfect with the want and the need and then it was all *out* there and nothing freaks Rodney out more than being the object of desire but John is able to overcome that with mocking and chocolate. Beautiful.
Yay! I love your fic, and this is no exception. Thanks so much for a great read. The pining and wooing are perfect, and I loved this:

"What?" Rodney said. "Wait, what? Oh my god, I don't believe this, I'm being sexually harassed!"

"What?" John said.

"You're going to kick me off the team unless I have sex with you!"

What had tripped him up was Rodney didn't make any sense to get a crush on. He wasn't that good-looking, he was an arrogant jerk, he made more noise than a marching band, and in between episodes of doing vague genius-type things in the lab and, okay, saving everybody's lives, he was mostly a vast annoying presence. John had figured it was going to be a question of putting up with Rodney; then suddenly the bitching was making him grin, and the sporadic heroics were making his heart jump, and the corner of Rodney's mouth was making him lose track of important meetings, and John was well and truly screwed before he'd even realized there was any danger.

I love this, because it's so true. John baffled and yet unable to help himself, and then not really believing it when it happens, yes!

Also, Milky Way Darks are, as svmadelyn said, truly a magical candy.
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