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March 2017

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fandom sandbox by elke_tanzer

Vids! Vids! Vids!

ETA 7/14/2007 to add imeem links

Because I can't leave well enough alone, I had to adjust the levels on my vids and re-encode them before uploading. Now I am too tired to say anything intelligent about them. (The vids are also permanently linked from my vidding page on www.intimations.org -- please link to this post or that main page rather than directly to the files, thanks!)

All files are available streaming on imeem, and as downloadable DivX avis -- please right-click-save!

A Day In The Life (imeem, 32 MB DivX)

The Dead Zone vid cesperanza and I did for the Premieres show. Music by the Beatles (hey, permetaform had never heard the song before!) Big thanks to flummery for beta on this one.

Would You? (imeem, 17 MB DivX)

A little Ocean's 11 vid I did for Club Vivid -- fun to do, but look for no narrative here. Okay, maybe just a vague smidge. Music by Touch and Go.

kid fears
remastered: (imeem, 29 MB)
original: (imeem, 23 MB)

My First Vid, in then and now versions. There have been substantial changes to the vid from the original, so I've made a nice divx version of that one too for comparison's sake. Star Wars, mainly original trilogy accented with the prequels, and music by the Indigo Girls. Many thanks to absolutedestiny for his terrific critique, which helped tremendously on the remaster, and to elynross (who also betaed the original!) and cesperanza.


I've always thought that Dead Zone was a show screaming to be vidded but haven't been able to find the right song. That? Is *so* the right song -- it was made for this vid.

Absolutely amazing.
Yay, Day in the Life! Still love it. :)
Downloaded "Would You" and thoroughly enjoyed it -- I laughed out loud at first "Would you go to bed with me" at the gang outside Saul's door. Fabulous, frenetic, high energy and playful, just like the movie.
Wow! I mean wow! Ces had teased me by mentioning that you two had done a DZ vid... but WOW! That was awesome! Really, really awesome! My DZ love keeps growing and growing. You captured the confusion that is Johnny's life perfectly. And what an excellent song choice. Something I would have never thought of but it works brilliantly. Okay, I'll stop gushing now. But excellent job, both of you.
adored the O11 one. Loved the sped-up visual with that song, & how you used more than just the brad & george.

shall hopefully check out others later.

also, i should have said earlier how much I liked uninvited, the Silence of the Lambs vid you did. 'cause it was exceptionally well done & good song choice for the subject as well, & yeah, i really liked it.
watched "A Day in the Life" this morning and thought it was very powerful and AMAZINGLY well-done. I wish I was smart about this stuff and could talk about specifics but I can say I love the way the schizophrenic nature of the song was reproduced (stylistically) with the vid.

Thanks for sharing!
I could make all kinds of comments on how good your vids were at VVC but I'd just end up being redundant when I'd say how incredibly talented you are.

Because seriously, talent. In huge, wondrous quantities, eminating from all of your work.

It was a joy meeting you - just keep doing what you're doing.
That A Day In The Life vid? Freaking scary. Not sure I want to watch it again sort of stuff. This is quite possibly a kind of compliment. ;)
Is anybody else getting no sound on the remastered Kid Fears (orig)? Or am I missing a codec or some such?
Aarrgh, no, my fault. *hits head repeatedly* Will upload new version asap.
Probably I'm just the only one WATCHING it, LOL.
There, all fixed now! Sorry! *hangs head*
Hi, I'm having the same problem with the DZ vid. Wonky picture and no sound. Since no-one else seems to be having the problem, i downloaded a new version of divx, and then tried out other vids in the same format that I already had, and they work just fine... It might be my system, but has anyone else had the problem??
This one I haven't heard about, sorry! What OS/player are you on? You might try the VLC player, if you haven't given that a shot...
I worked it out - I had the OS10.3 version of divx, cause that's the OS I'm using, so I upgraded to the OS10.4 compatible version and hey presto!

Love the DZ vid. The only thing I know about the series is yours and Ces's stories, so I'm probably missing some subtleties, but I loved the song choice and the look and it made sense from what I know of the story.

I watched your Dead Zone vid. Loved the song choice, loved how well the story flowed, laughed a little over poor Johnny, felt bad for poor Johnny, then went to Amazon and ordered Seasons 2 and 3. Damn you both. I mean, yay!

Hmm, I need a DZ icon.
I had loved the old version of Kid Fears already, but the new remastered one is breathtaking. Thank you.
EEEEE! New Kid Fears! ::bounces:: That is to say, the original rocked, and now I get to watch a new one, too!
Man. I just don't have words for how awesome Kid Fears was. Thank you.
Hee! Would You is a riot! Loved the playful tone of it, and the speeded-up visuals worked remarkably well.
Breathtaking! I watched it several times by now and am still floored.

You take us through the worst fears of the Skywalker children and show how they remain true to themselves despite the many obstacles they encounter. They are both touching darkness (Luke when he uses his lightsaber on the cave on Dagobah, Leia when she chokes Jabba), but they pull through.

The way you combined the scenes and blended over is lovely, e.g. seeing Anakin turn his head and then seeing Vader turn his head; Luke walking away from the Tatooine homestead, followed by Anakin leaving the same place. My favorite here might just be how you switch from Anakin battling Obi-Wan to Vader battling Luke.
And of course I mean *in* the cave of Dagobah. :-)
I'm a sucker for all things Skywalker, and I really, really loved your vid for Kid Fears. I rarely dload fanmade vids, but this one simply rocks! Thanks for sharing!
Have downloaded Would You? and kid fears. Thanks!
Like most everyone else, I was floored by your DZ vid. I just...there aren't even words for how much I loved it, how much it utterly fascinated me. And the patch of vid leading up to him waking up and the alarm clock ringing...brilliance, pure brilliance! I'm so glad I attended VVC this year and got to see this one on the big screen.

While I'm here, I should probably also say that your "Jig of Life" vid from last year's VVC likewise bowled me over. I always meant to leave feedback for it, but my insane love for it made me similarly inarticulate, and I kept hoping there'd come a day when I'd actually have calmed down enough to say something worthwhile about it. Sadly, that day has not come, so instead you get a whole lot of squeeage.

Normally when I'm watching vids, there are moments here or there where I'm looking for something to happen somewhere it doesn't or there's a clip choice or a fade that I fleetingly take issue with, not that I'd ever say anything about it or anything - 'cause really, what the heck do I know? - but with "Jig of Life," it flowed seamlessly for me from beginning to end. It *clicked* with me in a way no other vid ever had, and I know there's a more precise way of describing my euphoria at watching something that felt like it was made just for me, but I can't seem to shape the words in my mind right now.

But, um, since I'm already shamelessly fangirling you, I suppose this would be the time to also add that you're my all-time FAVORITE vidder, and that that's why you've received no feedback from me whatsoever thus far (serious talent totally intimidates me and leaves me speechless).

Your use of movement - and no, I don't know how to be more specific than that - is the single thread I can point to that draws me in each and every time. I just am enthralled with the ways in which you're able to manipulate bits of source so that the greater vid takes on its own form, drawing its audience along after it on a journey entirely removed from whatever canon it sprung forth from, so uniquely a journey *constructed,* yet organically seeming in a fashion at the same time. And that doesn't make much sense at all, does it? Just know that it was meant to be the best of compliments. :)
Okay, I'm deleting the comment that I meant to leave in TFV's post, because I don't want the internet to have evidence of my retardedness.

What I meant to say to you was that I was blown away by the way the song fit vid, the creepy tone and the instrumental bits at 1:49 and right at the end. The whole thing fits so well.

I also liked the um. Spinningness theme? that you had going on.
Wow, I loved this. The lyric "Would you go to bed with me" with all of them standing at the door at 0:52 made me burst out giggling. I love the frenetic pace of the whole thing, the visual excitement you put into every second. And the continual lyrics of "I've noticed you around" and "I find you very attractive" with the shots of the various guys talking to each other is hilarious to me. Great job!

I really love Kid Fears - it's one of those I watch over and over again.
A Day In The Life and Kid Fears are both amazing! =D

Here via Vividcon's Links

Just wanted to say A Day In The Life is so good I just cannot speak!

VVC themed vidshow request

Sorry to ask here, but I'm not sure how else to contact you.I'm the VJ for the vidshow, Motion Roller Coaster at Vividcon this year and I was hoping I could use your vid, Would You? for my vidshow. If you'd be willing to let me put it in my playlist, please upload the highest quality version of your vid to the Vividcon server according to the instructions here: http://vividcon.com/instructions.shtml. If you vid on a PC, we ask that you use LlamaEnc to encode your vid to make it easier to use. Also be sure to fill out the submission form on the above linked page and select the Motion Roller Coaster as the vidshow. The vid must be uploaded by June 1st so please upload it as soon as you can. If you have any questions or concerns let me know.

Thanks for your time,

Re: VVC themed vidshow request

Hey, I'm v happy to, but I'm pretty sure the con already has the vidfiles and I don't and would have to re-encode. Could you check if they have a version already? If not, lmk and I'll redo it. :)

Re: VVC themed vidshow request

Sure, I'll ask :)

A Day in the Life -- The Dead Zone

I just watched this one and had to leave a comment, it simply couldn't go by without an expression. I don't really know much about the Dead Zone beyond the simple premise of the show, but this vid was so well done I couldn't help but wonder why I've never watched it. The choice of music and the timing of the vid made me pea green with envy. I don't even make vids and yet I sat here and said, "wow, I wish I could do that!"

Really, this was so impressive, after the many many vids I've seen in slash fandoms this one seemed tame in the sense of no slash but so intense as a great thrill ride. My hat is off to you for this creative bonanza of vid-work.

Thanks for sharing this, I most sincerely wish you much success in the future and much gratification for your efforts.