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April 2016

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astolatastolat wrote
on July 26th, 2005 at 01:35 pm

Climbing, Batman Begins, Bruce/Ducard; rec for cereta's Hanging Work series

I meant to finish this up as a little bit of a birthday present for elynross, who has betaed five bazillion things for me over the years, as I know she's in the Batman headspace right now, but *hangs head* it didn't quite happen on time. However, I feel she cannot complain what with cereta slaving away for her, writing like a fiend.

I highly recommend cereta's whole Hanging Work series for anyone who likes Batman even just a little -- I plowed through the whole thing late last night when I should have been going to bed, and couldn't put it down. (In the metaphorical sense. You know what I mean.) It's an AU where Dick Grayson ended up being fostered by Catwoman rather than Bruce, it's really terrific, and cereta has been posting new stories practically every other day, with, I am assured, more soon to come. Go read! And to make things even more fun, she's letting others play too: harriet_spy has written the story Next Friend, also set in this AU.

This story on the other hand is just a short missing-scene based on Batman Begins. I figure everyone's seen it by now, but if not, spoilers for the first half of the movie. Belated happy birthday, Ellen!

Bruce Wayne/Henri Ducard, explicit.
1,094 words.
Many thanks to cesperanza for quick beta!

"...the sweet as well as the bitter."

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eta to change to permanent link!

All feedback much appreciated!

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