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May 2016

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Influence, M&C, Aubrey/Maturin

I wrote the first chunk of this short-short for the current week's "alcohol" challenge on mandc100, but it decided it wanted to be free and has pretty much escaped from drabble territory at this point. *g*


The alcohol was no excuse, though the wine had been uncommonly good, and he had drunk more than his wont. The coca leaves ought to have produced no effects which he could not regulate, even if he had indulged in six rather than his usual three this evening. And Jack was certainly not to blame; he had only touched Stephen's arm unconsciously, to offer support against the ship's motion, and if their knees had met beneath the supper table that was not to be laid to his account. This sensation of desire, the electric shiver that ran along his limbs and trembled his hands, could only be explained by some inherent weakness, some hitherto-unperceived cast to his own character and rationality.

As he could hardly expect to eradicate or repair such a flaw so late in his life, Stephen at present thought it only the most clear and rational choice to inquire if Jack would permit a liberty, and, on receiving a slightly confused assent, to try a kiss, to see if this might satisfy the urge. It did not, save by replacing it with a stronger one which demanded further action.

Stephen ignored Jack's muffled and flailing protests, and shortly they ceased entirely.

"Oh, God, Stephen," Jack said; the last intelligible words he managed over the course of the next half-hour, though the gasping was nearly continuous, and occasionally he gave an inarticulate cry. It was arousing beyond anything to hear him so overwhelmed by such simple measures: the edge of Stephen's thumb run along the placket of his breeches, Stephen's teeth set lightly into the flesh of his shoulder. He yielded to everything, though his eyes were wide and panicked like a horse being broke to saddle.

His skin tasted of salt, unsurprisingly; his full-fleshed body was comfortable to climb upon as any couch, and his eyes were made more brilliant by the water that stood in them as Stephen entered him. The tears were not from pain: there was no instinctive shrinking, and Stephen had made practical use of some tallow from a candle; it was only terror. They spilled over as Stephen moved, thrust, took; Jack whispered, "Stephen, Stephen," and shuddered to climax, his face shocked and wet.

"Dearest," Stephen said afterwards, kissing him again and again; he felt enormously satisfied and content. Dimly he felt he ought to be ashamed, or anxious, but somehow no such emotion could touch him at present. Jack gradually calmed beneath his hands and lips, and he seemed to catch Stephen's glowing mood; abruptly he kissed Stephen in return, and asked him to come lie down together.

In his cot, they cuddled and stroked one another with equal enthusiasm, until Jack succumbed to sleep. Stephen lay awake some time longer; he still felt full of energy and unnaturally clear perception. But this sensation faded, and he slid into a thick exhausted slumber.

Jack kissed him awake the next morning; slow and stupid, Stephen opened his mouth to Jack's tongue and his arms to Jack's body; he was brought to full arousal by a broad stroking hand, and gasped as Jack came upon him. Jack was remarkably well-endowed; Stephen had noticed it before, but not with so much personal application. Fortunately the hanging lantern was in reach.

When they had done, Jack rolled out of the cot singing Deh vieni in imperfect Italian but a cheerful voice; Stephen lay staring up at the swaying deck, breathing heavily, and touched his swollen lips with an exploratory hand. His head was aching, but clear again, and he at once silently vowed to himself that henceforth he would never touch the coca leaves, treacherous as they had proven.

It was impossible now to disavow his last night's behavior, of course; nothing could be more insulting. If Jack liked to continue, as it seemed he did, Stephen could see little choice but to acquiesce. They would be sadly puzzled to hide the liaison from the world, and there were a great many arguments against the notion, but he had made his bed and would have to lie in it.

Strangely, this reflection did not fill him with great dismay; calmly resigned to his lot, he rose and went to the breakfast table: Jack was already pouring him coffee.



I love you and the coca leaves. Denial can be such a powerful thing; it's a good thing that for Stephen, rationalization is even more powerful...
Oh, man, you have no idea how much I was in the mood for something like this. Delightful, delovely, delicious.
I dont know if it's possible for me to love something as much as this story. I love Stephen and his mental justifications for his actions, denial is so very hot on him. I was afraid at first that Jack would be uncomfortable in the morning, or right after the deed, but I think you've captured him perfectly here. Jack isn't a weak character, if he hadn't wanted to do it, he wouldn't have and for him to initiate it in the morning is perfect. You write beautifully, I love your use of language here, and how well you evoke O'Brian's style. This was lovely, and just what I needed, and it was so much more than a drabble (yay)! Thank you.
I don't think I can adequately convey how happy this story makes me. It is just so perfect in every way. I think I'll go read it 10 more times now.
This is excellent - I really feel you've got O'Brian's voice going here.

I hope that you will post this to perfect_duet or that you don't mind if I recommend it to readers of my own LJ.


I second this notion. perfect_duet needs this like something people really need. A lot.



i second that. we need a special "speechless reader" badge.
This is gorgeous - Stephen's gentle aggression the night before against Jack's weak protests, and then Stephen's simultaneous discomfort and denial the next morning. I also like the coca leaves, particularly apt for Stephen who uses (abuses?) laudanum in canon.

Such grace.
I am reduced to few words. I'm going to second someone -- "delovely." And I love thinking of it all from Jack's perspective, having Stephen's small little body just attacking him with drunk lust.

He yielded to everything, though his eyes were wide and panicked like a horse being broke to saddle.

a wonderful turn of phrase and Stephen so persistent.

hawt and delovely.
Oh, I needed this so bad this afternoon. Thank you. It was, as are all your stories, perfectly lovely and utterly satisfying.

i actually play Jack in a role playing game and I read your stories for characterization. does that make me a big flailing dork?
no! no, it definitely doesn't.

*would love to see captjackaubrey in a scene like that*
I'll speak with the Doctor about that. :)
*points to icon*
If you're interested, Jack got a little frisky over at hmssurprise.. it's up at his journal but friends filtered right now..
Great to read this today, had been a while (in internet terms *g*) since I enjoyed something this much. As always the way you use the language style just sells this to my slasher heart. Your Stephen talks clearly in my head.

Favorite bit "As he could hardly expect to eradicate or repair such a flaw so late in his life, Stephen at present thought it only the most clear and rational choice to inquire if Jack would permit a liberty..."


Who says drugs are bad?
*big happy sigh*

Perfection. So very them, so very *Stephen* with his internal struggle and resolution. And just... this was exactly what I needed.

Wonderful job! :)
I read the short version and thought a continuation would only spoil the great ending line.

I was dead wrong. I adore this. With the hotness, and Jack's fear, and then his cheerful enthusiasm.. I'd really like to see this from his POV, actually.
this is beautiful.

"Dearest," Stephen said afterwards, kissing him again and again; he felt enormously satisfied and content.

That seems so perfectly him.

So well written -

Treacherous coca leaves! This is great - thank you for writing it.


My brain insists that all A/M slash is AU, because the books are so perfect and unlike most characters they have no gaps to be filled by fanfic.

This, I believe, makes me enjoy your stories all the more as a guilty pleasure. Thank you so much.
Your Aubrey/Maturin stories are my current drug of choice. What can I do to make you write more?

Your abject servant,
Definitely hot, and very interesting to read. Have yet to see the movie, but I feel reminded on my K/Mc dynamics *lol* Well, some people already drew comparisons. I'm looking forward to checking if M&C is as interesting as your story is :)))


I love how Stephen keeps mentally dissecting everything all the way through. It's so Stephen. And the thought of Jack singing makes me squee.
That was just fantastic, I loved every minute of it. Indeed, I've already read it four times, and this one won't be the last. Masterful sense of suspended, and at the same time total, reality, and I adore Stephen's stoical attitude. The sacrifices we sometimes have to make, huh?
Ack. And now I feel the need to comment again-

If I reread this much oftener, I'll have it memorized ere long. This may well be my single favorite fic in this pairing so far.
...it was only terror.

Wow. That's a complicated moment there!

I'm remembering the Aubreyism:

They've made their cake, and they must lie in it.