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May 2016

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Campaign, Gladiator, Maximus/Commodus

Damn you, destina! Damn you for putting story ideas in my head when I'm trying to vid! Aaauugh.

Yet another AU, with yet another Commodus.

How the war was won. (Maximus/Commodus)

Feedback appreciated as always! And thank you to everyone who commented on the last one; I'm totally being a major slacker about comment-replying while trying to get the @$!*%&@!# vid done. I will get to them, I promise!


Verrry interesting -- see what Commodus could have had if he were less power-hungry? If he knew, he'd be exceedingly vexed.

I have to admit, that after reading Ces's entry on Gladiator, I was kind of hoping you'd written a musical... *g*
that was lovely, in the way of serpents' teeth and tigers' claws.

*soothes you* Yes, yes, blame me, it's totally my fault. *looks innocent* Also? I love this. So much. Sucked in by Commodus. (No pun intended, heh.) Gorgeous writing.

This was great. Then went back and read the other "Gladiator" story, and that was great too. Must look for more fic now though.
Wow, a Commodus sane enough to connive as an equal -- how much more entertaining that might have been. And a Maximus trying to live in the political world of Rome instead of stripped to bare essentials...fabulous.
Perfect title. This is one of those stories that's even more rewarding the second time you read it.
Beautiful. It's fascinating to watch Maximus's slow surrender as Commodus proves himself a superior strategist. 'What if Commodus chose to work with Maximus' is one of those what-if scenarios that I always wish someone would right--thus, your story is doubly delightful, especially since the ending feels both inevitable and right. I love how the actual surrender is left to our imagination; beginning with the first confrontation, the entire story hits the right note of restraint and tantalization. :D
Your Commodus is turning out to be one of those monstrous characters with a life and evil soul of their own. He's creeping me the fuck out; he's vivid and seductive in a way that makes me uncomfortable in a fictional character.

In other words, I'm defenceless in the face of your talent.

And thank you.
Oh now that is just evil. I'm all for teasing endings, but that...was just wicked.

Fantastic work. :)
Wow. I never sought out gladitor fic, and read yours out of curiousity. The three fics you wrote just left me wanting more. Thanks for writing them and letting me know what I was missing.