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May 2016

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Yes, it's new obsession time again...

GIP! Except not entirely, because Sacrilege was down yesterday, then my net connection was down half the day today, and so I produced this small piece (between reading Sherlock Holmes stories and pastiches).

Not part of the canon: Mistaken, Holmes/Watson.


First of all, I liked Mistaken. I love that Holmes is so certain of the outcome that he's completely undone by Watson's own quiet strength of conviction.

Second, you were asking for things to read the other day...if you can get a hold of a copy of "My Dearest Holmes" by Rohase Piercy, I highly recommend it. It's a full length novel published by Gay Men's Press, with a writer who can handle Victorian speech, politics, and behavior. You can either order it direct from GMP, or possibly find a copy at www.abebooks.com.
Thanks for the feedback, and the suggestion!

As it happens, I actually have My Dearest Holmes, and I enjoy parts of it, but somehow I don't find it completely satisfying. It's got too many bad fanfic cliches -- the evil outsider interfering with the relationship out of malice (Mycroft), the helpful yenta lesbians (Mary et al.), and Watson is a little too weak and submissive for my tastes.

The scene where he tells Holmes he's moving out is really nice, though. Always makes me sniffle.
got too many bad fanfic cliches

No arguments there. But points for having believable sounding Doyle-like prose. On the whole, I think I prefer M. Fae Glasgow's fics.

I have two zines, one which I was okay with, but the other was just so completely ooc that I've never made it past the first several pages.
This was wonderfully written--yowza--and hot, too. I particularly liked the image of all those Victorian pillows tumbling to the floor; the perfect evocation of those crowded rooms, the bric a brac, (not to mention the stifling repression *g*). More, please!
Yes indeed. Very nice. The very air in the room seems to crowd them in.

Yeah, all that nice stifling repression, gotta love it, especially when it goes. ::g::
Oooh, yummy. Much enjoyed this!
Mmm... very well done. I love your distressed and protesting Holmes, and your firm Watson. Your H/W is a joy to read.

I just came back to your H/W stories tonight to remind me how good H/W should be written, as I'm contemplating this fandom myself.
Lovely <3
this packs quite a punch for its short length, and i'm just in love with it.
I loved Watson not taking no for an answer. very hot. *applauds*