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May 2016

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Ineffable, Good Omens, A/C

Request from puddingcat:
Good Omens! Crowley / Aziraphale. Theme = death (but not necessarily DEATH).

Gah, had to re-read half the book to get their voices even close. Every time I try to write them, I end up just wanting to re-read flambeau's lovely And When He Falls instead.


"Take sparrows."

Aziraphale paused right in the middle of throwing a crust. The ducks, deprived, gave him a glare. "Er?"

"Sparrows." Crowley waved at the examples clustering around the litter bin, which had mysteriously tipped over shortly after he'd arrived in the park. "Hasn't He got anything better to do?"

"Weren't we going to go have lunch?" Aziraphale said, rather desperately. Ever since what they had taken to calling The Incident, Crowley insisted on bringing up all the unanswerable questions and dwelling on them until Aziraphale felt something uncomfortably close to doubt scratching at the back of his mind, trying to get in.

"I mean, you'd think that a small dirty bird that eats bits of stale scones could bloody well fall down on its own without anyone at all paying attention, much less Him."

"I've been meaning to tell you," Aziraphale began, preparatory to telling Crowley that he'd noticed a small scratch on the Bentley, only to realize just in time that he'd been about to lie. And Crowley wasn't even trying to tempt him.

"And if he's managing every last thing, then what's all this free will business, anyway?"

There really weren't many things that could shut Crowley up when he was on a tear. Aziraphale felt very pleased with himself for finding one.

(216 words)


Hee! Good Omens! Sparrows! And a very nifty wrap-up, too. You know, you could write more of this kind of stuff and I'm sure no one would mind at all. :)

and thank you!
Hee! Sparrows! Hee!
*Loves you, as promised*
Really wonderful :) Thank you :)
I vote with torch -- this is perfect, and I'd love to see more.
Oooooh, lovely.