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May 2016

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Past Duties, (ST:TNG, P/Q)

Working on a Picard/Q vid, and as I've been going through the mammoth quantities of source, this decided to come out. Thanks to cesperanza for beta!

Past Duties, (ST:TNG, P/Q)


Wheeeee! What fun!

LOVED this.
Yay! Glad you liked! :-) (And see you in about an hour :g:)
So, so, SO exactly right. Yay!
Damn. Good stuff! Great Picard voice. Really makes me want to go watch eps. :-)
Thanks! I've been mainlining TNG eps the last couple weeks, and yeah, Picard's voice is definitely a main attraction. ::g:: Yum, Patrick Stewart.
Wow. Fantatic Q voice - menacing and smooth and seductive, all at once. I can picture John de Lancie with ease.^^ Love the interaction between them both, and the way Picard has an inkling of what's going on, even if it takes him a while to admit it.
Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. I just love JdL's Q. :-)
Wow. Excellent. It was *supposed* to be like that! Your Q was perfection.

Thanks for posting it.
Thanks! And I entirely agree, Jean-Luc *would* go off with Q in the end. :-)
That was marvelous!!!!!!

I'm completely enchanted. What a delightful story. *Thank you* -- I needed that today.
I don't read your lj nearly often enough, that's for sure. What a wonderful story. My very favourite fandoms are the texty subtext ones and my very favourite stories are the ones that let me bask in the glorious OTPness. I feel sunshiny warm. And also, Ghost and Mrs Muir shoutout! Hurrah!
This story came to me highly recommended by kassrachel, and rightly so; it's just perfect, and a fitting end to Picard's story. After all, why should Sisko be the only Starfleet captain who gets to be assumed into another plane of existence by omnipotent aliens? ;)

The voices are exactly right, and the bit about somebody else's kids playing in the vineyard is heartbreaking. Excellent work.
Oh, that is exactly what I had wanted to read! Thank you for writing and posting it! :))


lovely...I'd go with Q...and Jean Luc...in a heartbeat :)
Oh this is priceless! Hugs fic to self. Very spot on and realistic. I can see Picard just so.
Mmm, this feels very plausible. I love it. ::draws distinguished little hearts around Picard and Q::
How lovely, I've always had a soft spot for Picard and Q is just fab :)
"The chores are done, Jean-Luc," Q said. "The work is finished. Come outside and play."

This KILLED me so completely. Fantastic. And that last line! So so good.


I may now die in peace.

(I will admit to thinking up a wonderful ending very much like this for Ivanava (sp?) featuring Marcus appearing to her at the end of her days ... it's brilliant to read something so similar for Picard. /grin. Excellent!)
How wonderful and sweet :) I think I must go off to find more of this pairing now.
If you do, let me know! *grins* I was just rewatching All Good Things... randomly the other day when this came in and thinking wistfully how I wanted some more Picard/Q.
I can't remember if I've ever commented before, but I read this story whenever I need a pick-me-up. Which is a little odd, because it is a character death, but the end is so lovely, so full of possibilities, and Q is wonderfully refreshing from this life as a circle of years, that I find it works me back into a joy for things to experience. So thank you, in case I haven't mentioned it before.
This was beautiful. Absolutly perfect. I have re read this many times and it just gets better and better. :D
I love this fic! Absolutely amazing.
Really liked this. SO very Q.
Mmmm, that was just perfect. This is exactly as it should be for Jean-Luc (and Q). Simply beautiful.

Tonight was my first time reading this story, so I just had to let you know that it made me smile.
You know, of all your stories... I'm gonna go out on a limb and call this my favourite. Thank you for being wonderful, Astolat. :-)
This was so completely perfect for the two of them.

"The chores are done, Jean-Luc," Q said. "The work is finished. Come outside and play."

...definitely my favorite line.

*happy sigh*
I had this fic highly recommended to me, and I can tell you now, it met and exceeded my expectations, entirely. Both Picard and Q were so them that it made the whole fic absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed the idea of Q coming by to pester Picard every year past the end of TNG; it made it all the more plausible to me that Picard would trust Q with--well, with his life.

I also am greatly impressed by the way you worked with mood, and the transitions between the initial melancholy to confusion on Picard's part, to the joy and incredible potential you left us with. I think I'm going to spend the next day or two imagining past the end of the story; you've given me a wonderful space to live in for the next while.

tl;dr I loved this. You are very, very good.
I don't know how I haven't left feedback for this story before, because it's one of my favorite Picard/Q stories, and I'm always telling other people about it. I just love the idea of Q being there when Picard has fulfilled his duty and then some and is ready for a new, different adventure.
Wow, long overdue comment is long overdue, but this was a wonderful fic.
Wow. Beautiful. Reminds me a little of the end of Watership Down, when Hazel is taken away by Rabbit-god-who's-name-I'm-not-going-to-attempt-to-spell...and now I've embarassed myself, so I'm going away.

Wow. Brilliant and amazingly in character. LOVED it!
Love this. This is my fav pairing in TNG fandom but it's so easy to do it wrong and you do it exactly *right*
This was really good. I like the thought of Q, instead of healing Picard's body or whatever, gives his spirit freedom to travel with him.