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March 2017

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David Cook RPF: Time Of Your Life (Cook/Archuleta)

hahaha ha ha. ha. Okay, look, I just. *gives up*

With heaps and heaps of thanks to terrio, cesperanza, boniblithe, monkiedude, and giglet for beta, and to sanj and ellen_fremedon and darthfox for exciting technical information on song arranging, any remaining mistakes in which are entirely mine. ♥

eta because there are hazards to posting at 3am

Time Of Your Life (27,000 words)
Cook/Archuleta, adult, not explicit, 100000% totally fictional

David stared up at him as he came to the table, and then Cook put a hand on David's shoulder and leaned over him. There was a really—really—weird moment when David thought for a second that Cook was about to—was going to—and David's stomach squeezed into a tiny knot, but Cook was just reaching over to grab the jacket he'd left on his seat.

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Um. I think I just died from the MASSIVE BRILLIANCE that is this story.

I can't even quote any bit I particularly like because I am in love with every single thing you've written. You write Archie so well, it's so unreal! It kept getting better and better and I am going to read it again (and again etc), because this is seriously amazing and I am in awe and so happy. Also, how much do I love you for not ignoring the existence of the other Idols, and writing them all so fantastically? LOTS.

*flails weakly*
awww, dude! I am all glowy, thank you so much! I kind of adore Archie's voice, I have to say. It is heaps and heaps of fun to write. ♥ :D
hahahaha. Okay, fine, I give up too. Adorable! With puppies, even!

Just the one thing, though--we don't have fireflies in CA. It's very sad.
omg! no fireflies! that is horribly sad! :(

Um, it's, uh. Global warming! Right! Or, or, one of them brought a jar of fireflies from home! and spread them around! Or -- it was aliens! ALIENS brought the fireflies --

*is yanked off stage by hook, sign waving saying BAD AUTHOR NO BISCUIT*

Dammit. Okay, fine, I do not know a single thing about American Idol or these kids, but that was damn awesome. Thanks.
victory is miiiiine! *grins!* \o/
I was just talking with a friend and she suddenly exclaimed (er, exclaimed through IM ;D) "astolat has a new AI story up!"

"Oh yeah," I said absently, having checked my friends list an hour before and seen nothing, "it was a few days ago."

"No," she insisted, "it's dated today, it's -- omg, it's 27,000 words long."

Me: .....O_____O

What a good thing I have friends to tell this sort of thing to me. :) *off to read!*
...oh my god that was FANTASTIC ahahahaha. I kept cp'ing my favorite lines at my friend, and then after she went to sleep I had to repeat them aloud to myself and giggle. Your Archuleta voice is so perfect, I love the way his inner POV includes um's and argh's and glossing over. ;) (And I've gotta say, it made the sex scenes completely easy to handle. *g*)

Also I really hope that someone more graphically talented than I makes a "Puppies For Cook" icon. :D
Seriously! I don't even know these guys - I only saw, like, one cluip on youtube. BUt dammit all, that was so good and sweet and lovely, exactly the best combination for a kind of rainy day. Also, the texture and such reminded me of the movie Shelter, which is a big win all around.


Also, Puppies!
Awww, yay! yeah, this whole fandom is totally about puppies and snuggling, really. (And I have never seen Shelter -- what is it about?)
Oh my god, so adorable. It's 5:28 in the morning here and I've been reading for the last hour, trying not to laugh or squee too loudly so I don't wake up the other people in the house. I loved all of it, especially the weekly get-togethers and the fact that it wasn't just the tabloids that didn't get it, it was also the publicists. Absolutely wonderful.

I think it's (past) time for me to go to bed, but I'm definitely bookmarking this story for rereading.
yow, I have done that reading-until-dawn thing and it always knocks me for a loop! *sends you glass of warm milk* and thank you! :D
heeee, yay, thank you! :D Although clearly posting this at 3am was, um, kind of mean. *facepalms*
Wow! Okay, yeah, that's pretty much the perfect Cookleta story right there. Loved the inclusion of the other Idols, and David slowly building confidence and flirtation/courtship with Cook. Mostly, I love the way you wove music throughout the story, and made the budding relationship perfectly plausible. The ending was cute,hot and sweet and funny. Also, I'm going to have to preorder my Cook and Archuleta cds from the alt. universe where this is happening because I definitely want Lingering and Vindication.
Aww, thank you, and OMG, what is v. silly of me is now I am kind of bummed myself over the made-up music! because I don't know what the songs & performances really sound like and I will never have them. ;__;

I cannot believe that you've got me not only reading RPF, but loving every second of it. I can't even...arrgh!

*crushes on you like Archuleta on Cook*
heeeee! as long as you are loving it, it's all good! *grins*
haha, yes, I have infested California with extra bugs never before seen west of the Rockies! \o/ or rather perhaps \*/ <-- firefly!

:D Thank you!
You are all kinds of evil. And only partly because this story cost me 1.5 hours of work.
So I pretty much suck at fic feedback. I rarely know what to say in that detailed way people seem to be able to do. Also, it was long and by the time I got to the end it seemed irrelevant to write things like how I love the idea of Cook being drunk and singing Closer (OMG I would love to hear him sing it), and how perfect it is that their duet is called Lingering. I will however mention that I just red it again, and it is absolutely lovely.

Side note: there are a few typos in there, but I was too wrapped up in the story to make note of where. Also, Tonight Show tickets are free, and they're always fully booked way way in advance. Although I have no doubt Archie would have no problem getting a row cleared out for them.

Also, puppies!
I hate you. I don't live in the States, and I don't watch Idol in any country, and I've avoided your pimping to this point. But this story MADE me google these guys, and damn I love their voices. I don't think that I can stop giggling over the puppies. How cute is your David Archuleta? How cute? As cute as puppies.

Gosh, I just loved this.
HEEE. I will drag you all down with me! \o/ And I have been starting to say GOSH in real life, it is kind of bizarrely earwormy.
Heh. I can't actually, you know, read it or anything, but I'm glad to have been able to help. :-)
*grins!* it has correct terminology at least! \o/
I love what you covered- his own self- doubt, the agony of being that age and in love for the first time, etc. And the way Cook handled that was great!

Thanks for posting!
yay, yay, thank you so much! :D
If I remember correctly, you're coming out for ComicCon yes? In that case, you might want to take a look at this -


I had a blast last year - love to see you there if you have the time!
oh hey, that looks really cool -- I don't know what I am doing Friday night yet, though, so I may not be able to figure out in time to get the tix, but thank you! hopefully will see you there!
oh. oh wow. wow, i'm kind - i feel a little bit like archie right now, because i don't have th words for how amazing that was. i loved the voices, you got them both down pitch-perfect, especially archie's, and i actually burst out laughing a couple of times (d-squared at larry king live! archie cracking a joke! and then asking if it was okay! oh the love!)

the dynamic between them all was incredible; it's like you bugged the tour buses and you're just transcribing it all for us right now. it was incredible, i knew that from the moment i read cook's reaction to finding out that archie wanted him (and honest to gosh i have no words for how much that pleased me). i have so much squee right now i have actual butterflies in my stomach. i feel like i've watched archie take this big, sexual journey from the very beginning of the story, and watched cook learn how to cope with stardom and being used, and i just - i'm torn between wanting to flail and wanting to hug them both so hard.

i loved that the story is crafted so carefully, from gina to the music execs, to archie's family, and that it never feels like it's happening out of the blue, and yet it doesn't feel like just a storyline, it feels like we're actually watching them live their lives. the idea that they'd have post-idol gatherings at johns' place fills me with glee that knows no bounds, and it's all so real and impeccably done that i just - i have to go read it again.

thank you so much for this. really. i wish i had the words to say just how much.
dude, those were some awesome words for your not having them! *grins!* Thank you, seriously, so much! :D
Yeah, definitely going to the special hell now. Oh God, this was fantastic and I'm not even feeling guilty about reading it anymore.
And, and, just as another note, my absolute favorite part was Cook singing Closer because good GOD. That was just...not even FAIR. Somebody get David Cook to do that cover RIGHT NOW, plz thnks.
I... how did I end up reading American Idol fic, let alone Cook/Archuleta? *long pause* I feel like I keep meeting these "welcome to the dark side" moments because of you. First it was all, "Alien technology and babies? This can't be that bad, right?" and then I was like, "Uh, wait, brothers? Am I sure I want to -" and now it's Cook/Archuleta. I'm starting to think you should come with a warning label. *G*
heeee, what can I say, I have always kind of wanted to be a sith lord? at least, back when darth vader was still cool. *throws out temptations*
oh wow, this was amazing. Archie, kisser extraordinaire. I'm in shock over the chemistry you managed to get between them. Cook was just beautifully, effortlessly desirable, but Archie, with the...him keeping his cool while Cook's got him up against the car? Oh my god. That was amazing. And the hot chocolate kiss, oh my god. And the group-ness of the idol group! So chummy, and right, I swear that really was Carly, and HURRAY for NOT utterly demonizing his parents, because I am dreadfully tired of that. Oh man, I don't know what to say. This was so good. Thank you so much.
oh, yay, I am so happy -- I also really don't like the demonizing of the parents (although I get it, it is a convenient dramatic device, like what happens to gfs and so forth in media fanfic, but meh -- it is too easy to have them turn into supervillains or something), but at the same time, I didn't want it all to be -- easy, I guess? So am very happy that worked for you! and the rest too. :D

there are roughly a bajillion things that I loved about this story because it was all so perfect and fantastic and just them or you know, how I want to believe they are. Archie. oh man. I loved Gina btw. so perfect for him. and oh the whole group dynamic was awesome.

I think I might have to print this and bring it with me to comic-con so I can read it every night before I go to sleep.

hey, are you doing SDCC? are you going to do the dinner lapislaz linked to above? I am not yet sure if I can make it, but, um, I totally would love to meet up to squee at some point. *grins*
Oh *yay* for the low-angst content, and yay for the Disney thing, and I really liked what you did with Carly. And puppies!
Puppies omg! also, dude, I suck, I am so sorry I left you off the list last night in my 3am-must-post haze. Added as soon as I got to the hotel room! *hugs and thanks again*
Ded from adorable. Just - all of it. Including that they could totally date and make out and everything and no one guessed.
Oh, how much would I kill to hear Cookie sing Closer!

This was great, wonderful and it may have lured me over to the dark side. *wiggles eyebrows*


This was so good i think I'm totally dark side now. I'm all the about the RPS.
Wow. I wish I could come up with something that didn't sound totally lame, because this was a great story. I liked how it progressed and how you portrayed everyone, especially the two Davids. There were so many parts that I loved, that I'm not going to try to mention them, even though I feel like I should. Yeah, words kind of fail me after reading this, because it was so perfect.
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