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February 2017

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Supernatural/HP: Old Country (Sam/Dean)

omg done!

More detailed notes are at the end of the story, but to avoid spoiling I will just say a big thanks to sanj and ignipes for inspiration, and to giddygeek, julad, kaneko, cesperanza, and rivkat for beta -- ♥ with much gratitude. The really cool Latin bits are all the fabulous toft_froggy, and also a big thank you to everyone who helped with my flailing questions about British diplomas and the lack thereof yesterday! *grins*

Here it is:

Old Country (40,647 words)
Sam and Dean go to Hogwarts.
Adult, explicit; Sam/Dean. Spoilers for All Hell Breaks Loose, Deathly Hallows.

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oh, fantastic and lovely. dean in hufflepuff!!!
Oh my god, you are awesome.

::runs off to read::
YAY! You posted! Dean/Unicorn OTP!!!
I kinda really love you for this. *runs off to read*
Oooh!! *bounces in seat then runs off to read*
I am incredibly glad that no one else was home tonight, for I made a complete ass of myself shrieking with laughter as I devoured this. The clashing of sensibilities was brilliantly done, as was the mix of hilarity and poignance; Dean was perfectly in character from beginning to end, and seeing the wizarding world through his eyes was hugely entertaining. There were so many genius bits here -- I shall refrain from listing them, as I'd hate to deprive anyone of the chance to read this without knowing what lunacy lurks around the corner. I loved this to pieces, and thank you so very, very much for writing and posting it.
Yay! I have a long, quiet weekend planned and I'm going to print this out tomorrow and savor it. It's going to be a great weekend.
YAY, posted!

But, just noticed, oh noes, you've lost the 'eruditum' between 'et' and 'primis' on the certificate there. Sorry, I don't know if that was gone on the html you showed me and I just didn't notice it, or maybe it fell out with the 'doctrina'. Is it too late to fix it? *flails a little*
And, um, Flidius Flitwick?
You completely and absolutely rule!
Admission: Harry Potter and the whatever whatever has never interested me at all.

This was appropriately awesome and had I read this as my entry into HP, I'd be a die hard fan.

As it is, I'm a hardcore SPN fan and I loved this to little itsy bitsy pieces. Bravo!
Dude. This was amazing beyond words.
I didn't think a SPN/HP crossover could be pulled off, but you did - and brilliantly.

And finally someone had my house (Hufflepuff) kick some ass. Thank you!
I am grinning like a loon with joy over this story. Fantastic!!
Hee! This was a lot of fun.
Oh, shit. I have to go to bed. Can't stay up and read. Must... not... click... link... Must... be... strong...

::averts eyes and closes window::



::no, really, going now::

::right now::

::aaaaaany minute now::

Oh my God, that was *amazing*! What an incredible crossover! And the fuzzy lines between good and evil there were wonderfully done (omg poor Sam). Very nice, though this is not my cousin's Harry Potter, not with the incredibly complex and well done Wincest.

Nice, thank you, fantastic. LOVED the goblins.

You made this and it is PERFECT. The Hufflepuffs! The Slytherins! Harry teaching, and the best Bill cameo ever, and unicorns and DEAN and the Restricted Section and the goblins (fantastic!!) and the IMPALA and oh, how much do I love very, very scary Sam?

What amazes me is how wonderfully funny and smartass you can combine Dean's sarcasm with Hogwarts whimsy -- and then in the next paragraph break ny heart with Sam and Dean and their mutual fucked-up obsessions.

And of course Sam would suck in every freaky book in the Restricted Section, Willow-Rosenberg-style, while Dean would find himself a bunch of war orphans to spoil rotten and teach the goblins how to work with combustion engines.

I have read this twice now. I am rolling in it. It is just what I wanted for Christmas and New Year's and my birthday and Chanukah and Arbor Day. You are wonderful.

*/me hugs the Hufflepuff cavalry again, just because*
Yay yay yay! So glad you liked, because this is really all your fault. *grins* It was just such a brilliant observation -- I feel like this whole idea burst into my head full-blown just from reading that one line.
Wow. Just, wow. I absolutely LOVED this! I hardly ever read crossovers, or even much SPN fic for that matter. I am so glad I took a chance & clicked on this because it was FABULOUS!!!
I don't even watch SPN, and I loved this-- perfect look at postwar Hogwarts, and I love, love, love the goblins.
You are a goddess.

There...god, there are just no words for how fantastic this is, for how it is such a story of Dean but says so much about Sam, for Dean's revolutionary ideas and goblin magic, dear Lord, magic which is made of love and blood and lasts, and his complete lack of prejudices, and the idea that the Winchester brothers are the Hogwarts ghosts' Bloody Mary or Hookman and the taking in of the Hufflepuffs who have nowhere to go and the screaming portrait and Dean being all proud of his lawyers and getting a kick out of buying the kids everything they want and Harry's failed teaching demonstration and the non-dulling shovel and the goblins, I cannot fucking get over the rightness of the goblins and Dean's relationship with them in this story and and and...

Suffice it to say--I could never detail every tiny thing I loved about this fucking fabulous story, but there were millions, and you? Rock above all rocking things.




And now that I am done making a fool of myself. :/
That was. That was singular. It was everything I have ever wanted in the history of ever, dipped in chocolate. CHOCOLATE. Ninety-five dipped in chocolate pages.

a;lskdfj;laksdjf;lkdsjf ANDHARTS.
You amaze me, you really do. You take this idea which just shouldn't work, at least not seriously, and you make it...really work, seriously. :) Awesome.

Dean so belongs in Hufflepuff... where they work hard and care about each other and love a lot. He was perfect. The baby Hufflepuffs were perfect. Dean cheering them up, feeling for them, that's so exactly what he would do.

OH and Sam in Slytherin, which is so true, at least after AHBL, because he is so driven, so has to do what he has to do... even though he's smart and everything... and the studying with the books letting him in even though he doesn't have permission anymore, and his power, right, and how the Slytherins do their best to comfort him and Malfoy standing up for him and them understanding the Dean/Sam thing, that's awesome.

And the goblin magic, that was just perfect. Because they're right, there's power in the birth/sex/death cycle, and the love Dean has put there, and the making of things, the construction of more than we are, that's power, and the goblins recognize that in Dean, which is just fantastic.

Harry thinking Dean was an Auror, and the field trip, and teaching them to drive, and all his reactions to the wizarding world quirks...

This was the best story ever. I can't even imagine how it could be better.

You had me from the moment the owl tried to deliver Dean his letters to Gribbleroot and Grinder delivering the Impala to the Hufflepuffs taking a ride on the Impala to, just - so many &hearts! I love all the scenes with the Impala and Hufflepuff solidarity and the unicorns and yea, just in case it wasn't cleared, ♥!
And I had not mentioned the Hogwarts ghosts scenes! They had me rolling on the floor laughing, especially Headless Nicholas' reactions to the name Winchesters and subsequent protests. *dies*
You know, sometimes, your summaries scare me. But uh... this was several kinds of awesome. Dean having Goblin magic and the Impala being master work, "Has she not served you, more than you could have expected?", Nick freaking out when they say, "We are the Winchester brothers."

Very cool.
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