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May 2016

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atlantis desperately earnest

Guessing Games (undermistletoe story and yuletide)

I see svmadelyn has given the OK, so I will publicly unveil my undermistletoe mystery SGA story -- and yes, the audience poll was right.

McKay/Sheppard (also some McKay/others), explicit
"All right, if you put it that way, it might make a certain depraved kind of logical sense," Rodney said, grumpily.

Big thanks to my previously unheralded betas, giddygeek , cesperanza , terrio , and for all the comments and votes -- it was just pure fun to watch the guessing. Special props go to wickedwords , ladyagnew , and panisdead for noticing that the story was written in two parts.

In its genesis it was pretty much ridiculous crackfic; I just had this pure shining fannish-lust vision of Rodney as a master ballroom dancer getting hauled off by Teyla while John looked on indignantly. And then while I was kind of ashamedly pitching this idea, I think to giddygeek and julad , it morphed into the sex-makes-Rodney-smarter story, which I do think is more my kind of story, so far as I have a type.

I got down the beginning early this past summer and the rest mostly plotted out, but it sat for a long time around the, "I am not your personal wind-up genius!" spot, until I finally kicked myself in the rear by signing up for undermistletoe to finish it.

Anyway, that was so much fun, I figure I will jump on the bandwagon for yuletide too. Idea gacked from wickedwords : if you guess which story I wrote from yuletide, you win a story (any fandom I can manage). I doubt this is going to be a problem, but just to cover my ass, I will limit this to the first three people to guess correctly, since I already have a bunch of flashfics to do.

Since yuletide is ridiculously large, I will provide a few hints to make it easier for those who want them:

ETA below the cut to add one more yuletide story hint, since, okay, it really is kind of impossible, and I selfishly want more guesses, since the first one just pointed me to another really cool story I hadn't seen. *g* (Speaking of which, I foresee more recs in my future. Damn, there are some good stories.)

  • my story is not in a fandom I have ever written in before (uh, that I remember -- at least it's not one listed on my fanfic page).

  • my story is not one of the ones I recced yesterday.

  • my story is not a crossover.

  • Added hint: there is a clue somewhere in the first page of entries in my naominovik lj. (Usual disclaimer here about please don't mention this lj over there, etc)

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Hah, I was totally wrong, I thought that one was seperis! I loved the story. I'd really love to see Rodney and Teyla's dance on film; that would be too cool.
Oh, *man*, so would I. Rodney in a tux and her in something exotic and flowy. Actually, wait, better -- Rodney in tuxedo pants and shirtsleeves rolled up. *happy mental image*
I'm gonna guess you wrote the I, Robot C/Fe story - the length, plot, and hotness seem commensurate with most of your work. Of course, I could be wrong, or you could have written something in a fandom I don't even read, but there's my stab in the dark.
Heeee! Nope, not me, but cool story! I hadn't noticed this one, and it's great.
I'm not going to try to guess, though I feel pretty certain I'd know your story when I read it. But I loved reading the guesses too, and I wasn't even one of the people writing for undermistletoe!
Hah, I was so right! *g*

I loved that story (as I said at the time), and I was sure it was yours. I flat guessed most of the undermistletoe stories, but this was one of the two that I read and said, oh, that's so-and-so's.

It was so silly and funny and crackish, but with that emotional truth to it - you do that so well. Good stuff :)
Heee! I guessed right: it was the wonderful mix of angst and fluff that did it... Real, painful angst but a realistic happy ending anyway. I love those.



Sweet! Glad to know I guessed right. And, since I don't think I said in my comment on the actual story, I enjoyed "Tango" very much. I always appreciate your ability to step logically through a plot progression, but you also have a way with sex scenes that fascinates me, and that I'm dying to emulate.

"Oh, god," Rodney moaned, scrabbling at the wall. He sounded drugged. "God, yes, right there—so close—"

"Yeah," John said, panting, his hips working. "Yeah, there we go, come on, Rodney—come on—"

There's so much left unstated here, and yet I know exactly what's going on. I love that; the way you give just the necessary detail, nothing extraneous at all. It makes for sex scenes that are both amazingly hot and always fresh. Awesome. :)
Am I allowed to "guess" which yuletide story is yours? ;)
No! *g* But if you want a story, dude, are you kidding? hit me. *g*
Of course I want a story, who wouldn't want more stories from you ;) However, I'm not making a request, just sending extra McKay/Sheppard porny vibes your way.
nonono! write her a story! She *so* deserves her own story!!!!
Wow, I hoped it was you :-)

This was so cool...

Would like to friend you, btw, if you have no objection?
Gah, I meant for 'Tango'!!! I can't guess anything to save my life, so the yuletide one will have to go in the 'no clue' box for the time being...

Sure, no need to ask -- friend/defriend at will, never taken personally. :) Glad you liked it!
man I loved that story! great job. I couldn't get the image of Rodney dancing out of my head for days. and jealous!John *sigh*

*prepares to look stupid*

I remember noticing (during my first insane, hysterical trawl through the archives - I think Yuletide morning may be the closest modern approximation of Bacchanalia) that Like Water, Like Wind has an instance of Trademark Shalott Punctuation in it. So I went back to re-read it, and, well. It's too perfectly in voice and in character for me to find more evidence than just the TSP. Nonetheless, that's my guess.

And if I'm right, I will be dead from shock.
So it was pointed out to me that I can't reply to these in public whether they are right or wrong, or else I'll make it obvious if someone guesses the right one! So instead I will send e-mail to say yes or no. *g*
I didn't comment when I read the story because I wanted to wait to find out who wrote it. I'm not sure why, but either way, it was fantastic. I think I should have guessed it was yours in the way you have John kind of not seeing his own feelings that well. And the way you write in the universe as though it's all a little, tiny bit, tongue in cheek, which I think all good scifi has to be to not turn into a cheesy, campy mess. Anyway, wonderful as usual :)

Tango Tangoed!

I had no idea that this was your's but then, I'm terrible at figuring these things out. I only knew that I loved it -- John, the Yenta of Atlantis, Sex makes Rodney smarter, the sex in a crisis, the ending. Oh delightful! Of course, I adore SGA crackfic but this is extra special. Chocolate cake with ice cream special!
hm. I'm guessing Riding to Damascus based on the hint from skimming your other lj (Lawrence of Arabia) and the prose in the story has a sort of tart elegance that reminds me of your work. The relationship depicted is almost pungently described with a minimum of words, a connection fraught with differing viewpoints, wordless longings, multiple misunderstandings and yet there's warmth -- rather, heat there.

This is dorky, but I'm really enjoying this literary detecting work. It's like literary analysis on speed, with a premium on intuitive jumps. In other words, fun!!

and my email is dottikin@yahoo.com for the telling of rightness or (more probable) wrongness.
Reply sent! *grins*
Yay! I guessed right! It was a really hard choice betw you and Pru. I didn't mention it in my comment on undermistletoe , but I adored the story... It had way too many good lines to quote! Well thought out and hilarious :] Thank you so much for sharing!!!
I'm not guessing anything; this is just to thank you for posting "Tango", which made my day. The ending was perfect, and flooded all that came before it with meaning.
Totally at random, I am going to guess 'Home To Peace'... for no other reason than I liked it and thought it remarkably in character.

Then again, ladyagnew's guess has the merit being very well written as well as making sense with your hints which mine doesn't. Bother.

No need to hurry, but you can let me know how wrong I am here: fenris_wolf0 at yahoo.com.


P.S.: I am torn because I had pre-ordered the US edition of 'Temeraire', but the UK cover looks so much nicer... I think I will cancel my Amazon.com order and put an order for the UK hardcover through Amazon.co.uk (I really like the UK cover art a lot more and I would get to read it two months before... Decisions, decisions!)

[sorry, had to edit this in order to fix the URL]
Tango is frickin' awesome, and can I just say that it made me GUFFAW when I started picking up on the l33t planet name puns?

Awesome, awesome, awesome.
I'm so glad you updated your website because I found a few stories I missed while crawling back through your posts, plus this one which got lost in the holiday shuffle.

I do think is more my kind of story, so far as I have a type.

I'm not so sure that it's a type, but it's something you manage to consistently do well and different is misunderstandings, which is a favourite story device of mine. But what really amazes me is how many of your stories feature one character misunderstanding the other's sexuality and how often you manage to make the reader believe it as well. I hurt with them, my heart stops with them (god, when Rodney told John to never touch him again, I really did worry this one wasn't going to have the happy ending I've come to expect), and I laugh way too much as the story nears an close. In short, I tend to reread one of your fanfics anytime I need something to pick me up or just soothe me to sleep.
Love, love love this!
Hot and angsty and just really, *really* good. Loving the John/Rodney dynamic in this.
I really really loved that fic. I read it a couple of weeks ago and very evilly didn't review but then bits of it kept going round in my head and I spent ages looking for it again (I've put it safely on my favourites list now) so I thought I should let you know that I enjoyed it very much, and I thought the end was very poignant - very sad but not quite sad at the sad time. Anyway, excellent job.
*snorfle* Rodney gets a genius breakthrough with every orgasm? What, is masturbation not good enough? Still, funny to watch John's jealousy from the outside and the team dynamics and everything.
This. Was. Perfect.

Crack? Yes, definitely. Did I enjoy every f'ing minute of it? Yes.

The style of writing (kind of detached, at least at the beginning) was awesome, and then how you described the encounters in just enough detail to thrill the mind.... *melts* I... just... just seriously hot. Seriously.
Just found this story. Awesome. Thanks.
Great story :)


What a wonderful version of the we must have sex or die, well done, I enjoyed it.

that is all.
I wanted to let you know that the podbook of windbringer1 's podfic of your story Tango has been posted to sgapodfic and podslash and can be downloaded here.

Sorry it took so long, but it was more than worth waiting for the lovely cover aesc made for it.

I hope you enjoy the finished product as much as we all enjoyed the story!
This is so, so wonderful. ♥
Hee, this story is made of awesome! <3
Blowjobs -- better than a swiss army knife! This was weirdly hot as well as absolutely hilarious. Chapeau!
that was awesome. i've never even seen an episode of sga at all, but i totally enjoyed all of this, all of the f'd up scenarios they found themselves in. you do great description, spare but enough that i have no trouble figuring out what is going on.

i really enjoyed how john was jealous from teh very beginning, but how he never really seemed to figure out till the end that he was falling in love.

thanks so much for all the great stories. i'm having a blast browsing in your library. :)
this was absolutely awesome! I loved every single line of it, from the glorious image of Rodney tango dancing to how John realizes sex makes him even more brilliant, and how he just needs Rodney after a while (while not liking feeling used). really great!